Tips for Great North Carolina Road Trips

Do you have a trip to North Carolina on your bucket list? From the peaks of the Appalachian Mountains to the white sands of the Crystal Coast, North Carolina boasts one of the most stunning and diverse landscapes in the country. You’ll also experience the absolute best in southern hospitality. There’s no time better than today to plan a trip through this great state – you’ll be making awesome memories that will last a lifetime. Follow these recommendations from North Carolina professional travel agents and you’ll soon be on your way to this great state.

Start your trip in the bucolic college town of Ashville nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. With a vibrant downtown scene boasting some of the best restaurants on the region, if you’re a foodie, Asheville will not disappoint. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and enjoy the magnificent estate and grounds at the Biltmore. Once America’s largest private home, Biltmore Estates is worthy of a day spent enjoying the spectacular gardens and period pieces in the amazing great hall.

Continue your journey east to the Piedmont Triad cities of Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem. Once famous for textiles, furniture and tobacco, these vibrant cities join together to create the second largest metro area in the states. With a multitude of parks and outdoor concert venues, there are performances and trails sure to suit nearly every taste. Don’t forget to sample the amazing BBQ in Lexington – it’s famous all over the region.

Just east of the Piedmont Triad are the Triangle cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. As the state’s capital, Raleigh enjoys some of the state’s finest architecture and museums. The Triangle is home to some of the top universities and medical centers in the country. Head downtown after a tour of the capital and enjoy the fabulous campuses of one of these spectacular universities.

End your trip on the white sand beaches of the Crystal Coast in either Emerald Isle, Pine Knoll Shore or the town of Atlantic beach. From wave boarding to crabbing, these family oriented beach towns have a huge selection of beach cottages that nearly every family can enjoy.

Prescription Glasses – An Essential Accessory!

Prescription glasses are something that cannot be avoided. However, with the right tints and colors, you can look your best in these glasses. Colors can actually have a huge impact on your mood and reflect your personality quite well. The glasses that you wear might be only an accessory but they are a part of you. These glasses make a statement about you to the rest of the world so it is quite important for you to choose the frames and lenses that suit you.

Today, access to online opticians is just a click away, and this means you get to easily choose from a vast range of super stylish frames, shapes, colors, and designs that were not available just a few years ago when buying prescription glasses. The endless variety now available when you buy glasses online means lowest ever prices, too!

The hot design houses, from the likes of Janet Reger, Jeff Banks, Bebe and Jai Kudo have entered the marketplace offering fantastic designer glasses, so simply owning several pairs of glasses to be a cool fashion accessory for any occasion, has become irresistible whether buying men’s glasses or ladies glasses.

However, although buying reading glasses or prescription spectacles has become the new ‘must have’ fashion statement, it should not be forgotten that they are more than just stylish eyewear.

Unfortunately, there are still too many people who do not even realize that they need prescription glasses, because they do not have regular eye tests! It seems more people are likely to worry about their teeth, watching their weight, and general health checks than safeguarding their eyes!

Prescription Glasses - An Essential Accessory!

It should be remembered just how extremely important regular eye tests are as part of our total health – and safety! Many people still continue to drive with prescription glasses – either knowingly, or unknowingly!

Even those who do wear prescription glasses, either for long-sightedness or short-sightedness, do not wear their spectacles as often as they should. The tendency seems to be to just wear their glasses, only if it matches a chosen outfit.

By choosing not to wear prescription glasses when you know that the condition of your eyesight requires that you should do, can not only cause discomfort, leave you feeling dizzy, or give you a painful headache, but can also lead to serious eyestrain, and possible further complications.

Wearing glasses today is now officially cool! By being a constant fashion accessory necessary, it makes life a whole lot easier when you have to wear them because of poor vision. Even today’s popular ‘geek chic’ look has transformed traditionally unflattering specs into attractive items of fashion.

Choosing and ordering eyeglasses online is simplicity itself and with so many amazing designs at real affordable low prices, anyone who needs glasses can now so easily buy with just a click and a scroll.

How to Take Proper Care of Your Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses today tend to be quite expensive and they are also very delicate. Glasses are quite important since you need them for simple everyday tasks like reading, watching television, and driving. You cannot really afford to replace your glasses often or allow them to get damaged by not taking care of them. Cleaning your glasses takes more than wiping them off with a cloth. There are several precautions that you will have to take while cleaning them.

Do Not Dry Clean Your Glasses

Do not try to clean prescription glasses with just a cloth. You need to use some type of liquid like a mild soap and water at room temperature so that the grime and dirt is cleaned from the lenses. If you just wipe them with a dry cloth or even a tissue, this will only cause more harm, as the dirt present on the lenses scratches the surface when you dry wipe them. If you continue this over time, the lenses will get damaged very soon.

A better way of cleaning the glasses is to run the glasses under gentle tap water and then soap them gently with hands. Rinse the soap with water and then pat them dry. Do not rub your lenses dry since there still might be some dirt left which can scratch the lenses. Use a lint-free soft cloth instead.

Cleaning the Frames

You must also clean the frames of the glasses since they might get dirty too. While dirty frames may not impact your vision, it is still important to keep them clean so that they look good. Use the same precautions and the process to clean the frames that you would when you clean your frames. Use water at room temperature with a mild soap and clean the frames by hand and pat the frames dry so that they do not get scratched.

Prescription Glasses - How to Take Proper Care

Clean Often

Lenses and frames will need cleaning as often as you wear them. Every once in a while it is important to take them to an optician to get them professionally cleaned. The opticians have special machines which can clean the glasses effectively and safely. Not following a proper cleaning method for the glasses can harm your eyesight in the long run so it is quite important to follow the tips given above to clean them effectively. Keeping them clean is not really difficult since the process does not take too long and it is only a matter of minutes to keep them looking as good as new. Keeping prescription glasses clean will keep them functional for long.

Not following a proper cleaning method for your glasses can harm your eyesight in the long run, so it is important to follow the tips given above to clean them effectively. Keeping them clean is simple and it only takes a matter of minutes to get them looking as good as new. Always remember that keeping your glasses clean will keep them functional for a long time.

How to Choose the Best Designer Prescription Glasses for You

One of the biggest decisions you make after being told you have to wear specs on a regular or semi-regular basis is choosing the best designer prescription glasses for you. There are so many factors which need to be taken into consideration, from your personality to your lifestyle and your skin tone to your hair color.

One of the first decisions you will have to make is the frame shape you want. It is important that you take your time and try on a wide variety of shapes and sizes to find your perfect match. You may be surprised at some of the frames that really suit you that you may not have considered. It is very trendy to wear black rectangular frames these days, but these are not the ideal choice for everyone, which is why you should visit your optician and try on as many as you can—even those you would never dream of—to find the perfect pair of frames. If you are buying glasses online, some stores have a virtual fitting room, in which you can try on your glasses online.

The next step is deciding on the brand. When looking for designer prescription glasses you may have a specific brand in mind, but don’t stick to it. As mentioned, you may find that frames you never dreamed of are the best match, so be open-minded and willing to change brand at a moment’s notice.

Go through some magazines and the Internet to have a look at some of the current trends. See what specs your favorite celebrity wears, see what specs are in the majority of the photographs, this may give you some idea on what you want and the color you may wish to go for.

How to Choose Designer Prescription Glasses

With some ideas in mind, you now have to take a look at your facial shape to choose the best frames for your face shape. If you’re unsure of your facial shape, look at yourself in the mirror. Oval, rectangular, triangular, and heart are the most common shapes. You will find with an oval shaped face, you will benefit from rectangular frames which are the same width as the widest part of your face. Rectangular faces can benefit from oval specs. Imagine the different frames on your face and imagine which shape will work best. You can use your glossy magazines for this, looking at the different pictures, determine the facial shapes and see what shape specs they are wearing.

Your skin tone will have a sizeable impact on the designer prescription glasses you choose. While everyone flocks into the optician looking for rectangular black plastic frames, if you have a light skin tone this is not going to do you any justice. As a rule of thumb, work according to your skin tone, lighter skin benefits from a lighter color frame, darker skin benefits from a darker frame.

The same applies with your hair color, if you have dark hair and a light skin tone, keep to the lighter tones so your prescription glasses don’t stand out like a sore thumb. If you have dark hair and a dark skin tone, you can wear just about any color, even bright red to add some fun to your spec selection.

Remember to visit your local optician and try on as many frames as you can, even those you don’t think will appeal to you. This is the best way to find the designer prescription glasses that will suit you. Often people are amazed when they visit their optician with a set frame in mind, find out they are out of stock, so try on something different only to find that they are the perfect match.