8 things to know before you buy glasses online

8 things to know before you buy glasses online


Sophisticated mobile technology has made eyeglasses online shopping more secure and convenient than ever1. However, clients beware – not entirely all online stores are manufacturedequally. In fact, within the vision industry, results from a report conducted by the American Optometric Relationship (AOA), the Optical Laboratories Association and The Eye-sight Council, “discovered an alarming rate of problems with prescription glasses compliance and impact amount of resistance.

Here are 8 things to consider when selecting a web glasses store:


What good are new spectacles if they break instantly or the lens scratch easily? Search for an online retailer who can offer durable structures. Do they give brands known for quality? Do they give the same high-quality brand names provided by the good brick & mortar eyesight centers? Make certain the merchant offers high-quality polycarbonate lenses, no-glare and scratch-resistant treatments, and UV protection. Also, if you have children or play athletics, look to see if your shop offers a high – impact level of resistance lines.

Multifocal, progressive or high index lenses

The fitting Multifocal lens is a complex process. Because of this, many online retailers shy away from filling these more complex prescriptions. However, many do, like Spectacles.com, which only uses one of the nation’s top labs to carefully craft each pair of lenses.

  • High index lens is similar to polycarbonate, but are the thinnest lens with the highest tensile power for maximum toughness.
  • They are recommended for prescriptions lower than -4 and higher than +3.50.

Ability to apply your eyesight benefit

Many online stores do not admit vision insurance, meaning somewhere over the line, you might overlook either value or selection. Decide on a retailer that accepts your vision benefits online so you get the best of both of these worlds – and no paperwork!


You’ll want a variety of framework styles to choose from, including top designer brands you can trust. In fact, depending on your personal style and activities that require wearing prescription eyeglasses, you might need more than one pair. If your eyesight plan offers savings on additional complete pairs, you will want to select an internet optical shop with variety as well as one which honors your special discounts.

Try before you get

Want to see what you appear to be in your new glasses before you get? Some online spectacles retailers have virtual try-on technology, like the award-winning3 3D application from Glasses.com. With this app, you can view how frames look you from every angle before you pick your perfect pair. Some vendors will ship spectacles straight to your doorstep to test, too.


Fit is a large issue with spectacles, and a hard nut to split for most online glasses outlets. Build into your budget the price of a proper fitting by an eye care professional at a brick-and-mortar store in your area. If your casings don’t fit well, they are not only uncomfortable, they could actually cause perspective problems and/or head pain since you won’t be looking through the lens correctly.

  1. Shipping

You can buy your brand-new prescription glasses in no time online, but do you pay for shipping and delivery? And how quickly should you expect your new spectacles? In choosing your online store, definitely browse the shipping and delivery options and confirm delivery time.

  1. Come back policies

What goes on if your order isn’t precisely what you were hoping for? Read the return plan before you order which means you know just how the shop will handle earnings. For instance, how many days must you return the spectacles? Also, do you really pay to send back the come back – or do they?

Nevertheless, you choose to look for your next couple of quality prescription glasses, look carefully at what each eye-sight provider offers, so you get the most out of your purchase.

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